South Africa's legislation, regulations and processes have been designed and implemented to ensure  accountability to South African citizens. But the State Capture process has used these rules to extract funds from the state i.e. the citizens of this country for the benefit of a select few.

I believe that this is wrong and what is needed is a return to the rule of law and respect for the fundamentals!  

I am passionate about South African development and I want to partner with organizations to optimize the manner in which organizations deploys funds.​

I want this country, and the organizations within it, to become more ethical in their behavior. Specifically, I want my personal attributes to echo within the hallway of corporates.



I offer an unconventional view towards your spend ... I want to make sure that every cent that your spend, goes towards building this country further. My solutions consider your people, suppliers / clients / customers, processes and systems across all elements of your expense (capital, working capital, stay in business capital, operating costs and mandatory liability provisions). 

In all that I do, I strive to ensure that  your cost base is ethically and proactively managed.

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Historical Spend Audits

Analyzing historical spending trends, I will review the procurement process to ensure that transactions were fully compliant with both internal processes and regulations. Feedback loops are created to ensure a process of continuous learning and mitigates  past behavior. Inherent in my approach is strategic sourcing.

Case Studies

For more examples of my work, please see my Downloads page

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Analysis of the "HSBC" dataset

Emirati Bank Accounts

Analysis of money flows found in the GuptaLeaks

The Whistle-blowers Handbook

My contribution towards encouraging others to do the right thing