It’s a Saturday afternoon and I find myself wanting to blog yet again… this time my thoughts take me back to my previous blog – the Amabhungane article (https://amabhungane.org/stories/how-the-guptas-r9-billion-loco-heist-went-down-01-06/).

In essence, this article proved the existence of the infamous “HSBC data set”. Thanks to @OCCRP and brave whistle-blowers (@PPLAAF), South Africa has a view of how funds from Transnet benefited a handful of people.

In summary, the HSBC data set demonstrates that $145million was extracted from Transnet via numerous locomotive acquisition contracts and was siphoned off to third parties which had nothing to do with locomotives nor the manufacture thereof.

This blog is not about the money laundering – I’ve posted too many reports (https://biancassmith.wixsite.com/biancagoodson/blank-page) on that already. Rather, this blog is simply looking at the $145million and what it means practically …

  • South Africa has a population of about 57,78million people.

  • The HSBC data set shows that $1 was effectively stolen from one in every four people in this country. Between myself, my Daughter and my retired parents, these people stole a dollar! I did not allow this, but it happened.

  • If you assume an exchange rate of R15 to the US Dollar, which is roughly the price of a loaf of bread - a loaf of bread was stolen from a quarter of the South African population!

Do these people not realize that more than 57% of the South African population lives in poverty?

This means that these people stole a loaf of bread from at least half of those living in poverty. Do these thieves realise the importance of a loaf of bread to the needy? To many, a loaf of bread is the difference between life or death, today versus tomorrow… Yet self-enrichment prevailed for the politicians and executives at Transnet whilst other starved…

To the people that enabled this:

How could you? There are so many people who can not eat nor stay warm. Instead of helping as you should, you took away for yourself.

How dare you steal from my family and so many others!

How dare you steal from the most weak and needy!

Shame on you!

To those empowered to make a difference - whats taking you so long?

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