I remember watching the movie “The Matrix” for the first time and it blew my mind away! I got it - parallel universes.

On this rainy lockdown Saturday afternoon, I wonder about a matrix … what if I could make my own? What would it look like?

Behold …

… but before we do, know that I am listening to Jhene’ Aiko, I am a few glasses of wine down and hence I have decided to make and live in a world as described:

I want to live in a world where people demonstrate the true meaning of love. To me that means that you consider others first before yourself. With this said, I am embarrassed by my past and how much I have used people for my objective. In some cases I used people (K) to get out of sticky and desperate situations. In others I used people to give me the validation that I desperately sort from the world. Truth is that I have to change a lot before I am granted access into this “matrix”.

But I sit here and fantasize ….

  • A world where people don’t lie.

  • A world where truth prevails.

  • A world where people love and own who they are.

  • A world where people are not trying to always be better. Rather happy with who they are.

  • A world where your success is not defined by trampling on others.

  • A world where your worth is defined by the size of your loving heart.

  • A world where something hurtful is absorbed but known to not be an attack.

I want to live in a world where character is determined by the depth and consistency of smiles.

I feel that making this matrix my world will leave me very isolated. I chose my matrix still 💕

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