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Dear All,

As I write this blog, my letter to Eskom blog has received over 3,5k views! Wow and Thank You!

Since then, I have received a response from Mr De Ruyter which can be downloaded here

In full disclosure, please find below my reply to Mr De Ruyter:

Dear Mr De Ruyter,

With reference to your letter dated 20th October 2020:

  1. Thank you for acknowledging my letter sent to you on the 17th October 2020; and

  2. Thank you for distributing my CV to the HR department of Eskom for the possible consideration towards suitably advertised opportunities.

From your letter, I read the following sentence to my Daughter; “You made a very substantial contribution to the successful recovery of Eskom funds that were unlawfully paid out during the height of state capture, for which we are deeply grateful.” She looked at me confused and with great pride I said to her; “Mummy did the right thing!”

I appreciate that your response to me is 100% compliant with current legislation and hence, rewards are not something that may be awarded to whistle-blowers at this point. However, your acknowledgement of my actions may go a long way in perhaps changing legislation of South Africa.

I hope you won’t mind me using this letter to escalate the matter of whistle-blower protection, and attaching it as a reference for all my future job applications.

Please find my response affirmative towards speaking to your leadership about my experience and thank you for considering my unique story.

Mr De Ruyter, I sincerely wish you success in your efforts to turn Eskom around.


Bianca Goodson (Smith)

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